Sample Usability Analysis

*****.com Website review

  1. Flash animation on entry is long and creates a delay in finding desired information. This problem is compounded by the fact that the “skip intro” button is not apparent except on mouse-over.
  2. Gold text on black background is not easily readable, especially when there are other gold lines in the background.
  3. Products within main categories are not organized. The only way to see what is in a category is to click through all the pages on sequence with a “next page” button. This is worst in the “Packaging Equipment” category, where it takes four clicks from the main category page to see some of the equipment. Even within that system the products are not organized; sealing machines are on three separate pages mixed in with inkjet printers, labelers and assorted other equipment.
  4. Products are not clearly identified with function. For example, the name X-L 1 Green Machine does not say that the product is a label machine, so a potential customer would have to be motivated enough to read into the small print to find out what the machine does. This could be avoided by making subcategory headings.
  5. The “next page” arrows are at the very bottom of a long page and might easily be missed, so that customers would not realize there are more products to be seen.
  6. The uneven layout of the pages, with product names, images and specs in different places for each product, makes it difficult for a customer to scan through the products to find the information he is looking for.
  7. The recycle symbol on categories other than recycling systems is confusing.
  8. The circle with About/Contact/Supplies looks like they are all on one page.
  9. The Supplies page could be read more easily if individual supplies were on different lines or in bullet points
  10. Images are small and not very clear. This is an especial problem where there is text on the image, like on the picture of the Infra-Pak High Profile.
  11. Fonts are not consistent. While most of the product titles are in Arial, a few – the Genesis Ink Jet Printer, for example – are in Times.
  12. A keyword search would make it easier for a customer to find what he is looking for.
  13. Certain services provided by the company are not easily found. For example, it is not easily noticed that they buy and rebuild used equipment. The image that says they make house calls implies they do service, but there is no further information.