Sample SEO Error Report

Site quality overview for CEO For: http://www.******.com/
Period: 2007-06-09
Time: 20:33
This report gives you an overview of scanning results and highlights problems found on your site. Detailed information about specific errors, e.g. broken links or invalid Titles, is available in the individual problem reports.
Web site objects checked 102
Web pages checked 25
Internal links checked 38
External links checked 64
Images checked 53
Scan duration 00:01:32

Errors and problems detected
Problem # of problems
Broken links 3
Internal 1
External 2
Broken anchors -
Slow pages (download size > 60 Kb) 4
Small pages (download size < 7 Kb) -
Deep pages (more than 5 clicks necessary to reach) -
Old Pages (older than 3 months) 22
Pages missing Title tags -
Pages with long Title tags -
Pages missing META Description tag 23
Pages with long META Description tag -
Pages missing META Keywords tag 23
Pages with long META Keywords tag -
Images missing attribute ALT -
Images missing Width/Height attributes 25
Redirects -
Orphaned files -